Monday, 14 February 2011

Two Red Lines

17 December 2011 - pre blog post 
It's been four days since I saw the two stripes appear on the white stick.
Four days since I realised I had know idea what to feel or what to think or that no amount of thinking that having a baby is what I wanted would prepare me for that moment when the first line appeared in the first window of the pregnancy test.

Of course I had done tests before. Before the life changing test I had done a test a week before which was negative and left me with a feeling of grave disappointment and confusion - if I am not pregnant, why do I feel so PMT with no period?
The date of my very regular period came and went and after a day of book consultation at the ICI library forgetting my confusion I went for some food at Yumcha Heros in Mitte. Dim sum, soup, noodles, pak choi, wholesome Asian goodness.  

Food digested, I'd planned to head home to write with a detour to the BIO laden  (organic shop) to get some much needed coffee supplies for the evening ahead. Suddenly, I started feeling as though I was going to throw up, right there in the middle of the shop. Taking deep breaths whilst paying for my coffee and sour cream hand cooked crisps (a noted find in a city that does not seem to appreciate the need for that fine potato snack) I managed to leave the shop and stumble through the ice to the Apotheke. Of course being Mitte there is always someone you know lurking around a corner one of our lovely customers was in there. What do you say? The truth is far to intimate and awkward so stocking up on vitamins for the winter (something I've never done) seemed to be a good reason to be there.

Fast forward. I am home alone. There are two red stripes beaming at me from the white stick. We are going to have a baby! Sitting on the sofa trying to call me husband who is away for the first time since we have been married. This becomes a tricky situation. Who do you call? This is GOOD news and there needs to be an order in which you inform your nearest and dearest of your news.  The other thing was that I didn't want to be alone, so I called Z, our dear friend in Berlin and told her the news first and asked her to come and have a girly night in with baked potatoes and share in my exciting discovery. In the mean time I shared the news with my called my grandma, my aunt and finally got through to my husband... 'Baby! We're having a baby!!'

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  1. hooray! Congratulations both of you, how exciting.
    Looking forward to following your blog. I do one too, I'll send you the link xxx